Imagine that before you sat a precious stone--likely the most precious that the world has ever, or could ever, see. Or a $1M Lamborghini automobile--the most powerful and advanced motor vehicle ever engineered by human beings. Or a mysterious Oracle, beckoning you simply grasp the ancient parchment held before you, containing the wisdom of the ages that would surely transform the heart of man. Or a Prince, with eyes for both art and commerce, clutches double-fistfuls of solid gold freshly-minted dabloons, wishing to pour fully one handful into your hands.

Yet also imagine that you could not step forward to embrace any of these wonders, as both of your hands were manacled firmly behind your back. The world and all it ever has, could, or will offer lay before you, awaiting your embrace, but you could not act. You could do nothing, as you were fully and firmly restrained.

This imagined narrative captures my actual personal narrative, circumstance, and dilemma, as I caregive my parents full-time; first one, now the other. I have a core set of ideas in political and moral philosophy, presently manifest in my prose, poetry, and music, that I cannot properly and substantively act on, promulgate, as my caregiving responsibilities have tied both hands behind my back.

In fact, the more expansive way to understand this circumstantial limitation is that it's not actually a limitation at all, but a necessary expression of the power of Love and the strength of my commitment to it. It's the most cogent and certain way of knowing that I take Love seriously--my acting in proper accord with its dictates in caregiving my parents. In fact, were I to sideline or discount this responsibility for care as they age and grow ill, my commitment to Love could properly be viewed as suspect, thereby calling into question my own veracity, and the very power of the principal, itself: why would I disobey or disregard a principal that is as vital and powerful as I'm claiming?

So I dutifully execute the tasks required by the principal and my commitment to it, though said execution ironically leaves precious little time to promulgate the principal through large-scale artistic expression, while reaching out to others--you--for assistance. My ideas will save this world. And because I have the intellect and creativity to present them to the world in a highly commercial framework and package, it is my firm belief that I, and those who assist me, can and likely will earn vast sums of money.

If you understand that this world is as much yours, as mine, as much of your progeny, as mine, as much a place you wish to see thrive morally and otherwise, as I do, you begin to understand that this is not just my dilemma--it's ours.

So please contact me to offer yourself as a member of my nascent MOH-MWS support staff, TEAM MESSAGE OF HOPE.


I am Vincent Frank De Benedetto, writer, philosopher, poet, musician, and more. THE FSD GROUP, my fledgling company comprised of ten divisions, requires assistance. My most important divisions, in their power to save the world and generate vast fortunes, both, indeed the crown jewels of these endeavors is my 2-volume book set comprised of NEIGHBORS OF DEATH and LOVE ETHIC; my poetry; my politico-musical project MESSAGE OF HOPE; the body of fine musical composition of my Father Frank Salvatore De Benedetto, including his candidate for official New Jersey State Song Let Us Talk About the People; and DeBenedetto Composer, a software writing tool I'm designing specifically for the non-networked solo writer.

These projects comprise an operational group called the MESSAGE OF HOPE MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO (MOH-MWS), and it is this entity for which I require and must develop a support staff. That's you!

The FSD GROUP Design Division, predicated on the twenty or so compelling invention ideas I've conceived, also has the power to generate vast fortunes, though it is not part of the Music & Writing Studio.

Most people in their lifetimes do not have the resources, their own or that of others, whether intellect, creativity, or wisdom, to earn a substantial amount of money. Most of us simply grind away at this or that job. I, however, writer, philosopher, musician, revolutionary, inventor, health educator, "silence activist," "Agape Master," and family caregiver Vincent Frank De Benedetto am a font of creativity, that can be harnessed in our capitalist framework to earn substantial sums, for myself and those around me. Ordinarily someone like me, ambitious and a strong creative, requiring assistance would simply hire a person and pay them some relatively low amount of money. In my case I'm working initially on a shoe-string and can't afford to do that--which makes this your lucky day. To attract team members, I'm promising that for individuals committed to help me I will share liberally in my earnings, well out-of-proportion to their efforts. In other words:  I make a million, you make a million, or something like this.

To join THE MESSAGE OF HOPE MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO, or indeed any division of THE FSD GROUP, you must be 1.) reasonably intelligent, and 2) care deeply about people and the condition of the world--or be willing, with my help, to cultivate these qualities, in some measure, in yourself.

I require a full staff possessing, in toto, a range of skills, starting if possible with a personal assistant and a web designer.

Joining MOH-MWS is a truly unique and rare opportunity extended to you. Regarding my politico-musical project, MESSAGE OF HOPE, we can arrange a demo session where I can introduce you to my material, music and lyrics, and performance. I've also begun building a body of poetry, and I should additionally mention that my Father, Frank Salvatore De Benedetto, himself a musical composer, has his own body of fine musical composition and poetry that we can potentially use to generate income.

To consider involvement, please read through as much of the content at as many of my sites, as possible. If you find yourself impressed with my intellect, facility in language, business and other creativity, deep and earnest concern for people and the condition of the world, unique and powerful program for change to save the world, or active daily practice of Brotherly Love, as conveyed implicitly or explicitly at this or any of my other approximately 30 websites, I strongly recommend that you consider this genuinely unique opportunity to join THE MESSAGE OF HOPE MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO. There are ten divisions and an opportunity for just about everyone. Persons from all walks of life are accepted.

If you'd care to involve yourself with these efforts through financial support instead of, or in addition to, your time donation, that would be welcomed, as well.

If you want to 1.) literally help save the world, in the only meaningful way possible, and 2.) make a lot of money, likely in the millions, please contact me to join TEAM MESSAGE OF HOPE.


If social science and the employ of music, prose, and poetry to change the world is not precisely your cup of tea, the good news is that the Message of Hope Music & Writing Studio is just one division, albeit its most important by far, of its parent entity THE FSD GROUP. This larger framework includes nine other divisions concerned with the other areas of activity that you can assist with.

This website, MAKE A MILLION, SAVE THE WORLD, at, went live on Sunday, January 07, 2018. As true of nearly all content at my approximately 30 websites, I wrote every word, here.


Contact me at OneHumanFamily @ In addressing your email, omit both spaces surrounding the "@" symbol.

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